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Maruti Suzuki Innovation has been created with the vision of innovating new-age technology backed solutions. We provide a platform for startups whose ideas are not only in sync with the automotive needs of the modern world but also contribute towards the betterment of society. By joining forces with these bright minds, we aim at co-creating a newer and better tomorrow.

  • Vision-Innovation

    We are always on the lookout for startups that do things differently and efficiently while ensuring that their ideas are cost-effective and deliver a better customer experience.

  • vision-collaboration

    Joining hands with ingenious minds to help them think more effectively and nurturing ideas to make them a reality. At Maruti Suzuki Innovation, we believe that collaborative efforts always yield better results.

  • vision-cocreation

    Working together towards creating solutions that are unique and efficient; developing solutions that contribute to the advancement of the automobile industry as well as society.

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Over the years, Maruti Suzuki has brought many firsts in the Indian automobile industry. Thus, it can be referred to as The Original Innovator which shaped the way India drives. With the transformation and rapid development that the Indian automobile market is currently undergoing, innovative yet cost-efficient solutions are the need of the hour. Along with this, the automotive industry requires unique solutions that are futuristic and customer-oriented and contribute to the betterment of the society that we live in. At Maruti Suzuki, we have always been at the forefront when it comes to delivering technologies that are oriented towards advancement. To ensure continuity of the same, we have come up with Innovation programs that will help give a push to bright minds that have excellent ideas for mobility and turn their startup dreams into reality. Maruti Suzuki Innovation is a platform that will play the role of a catalyst to lift the spirit of startups while ensuring to propel the innovation quotient of brand 'Maruti Suzuki'. The platform is working with players who understand the philosophy of Innovation and share the common vision of nurturing startups in order to incorporate the best digital solutions and technologies in its products

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program benefits


The programs within the Maruti Suzuki Innovation platform are not only progressive but also extremely beneficial for your startup.

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    Get a Chance to Collaborate with Maruti Suzuki

    Shortlisted startups get an opportunity to do a PAID Proof of Concept with Maruti Suzuki, thereby having their solution validated by the Market Leader and marking their presence in the industry.

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    Guidance from Industry Leaders & Domain Experts

    Selected startups get guidance on key aspects from mentors associated with domestic & international startup ecosystems and domain experts from Maruti Suzuki.

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    Win Exciting Awards

    The programs offer numerous benefits like Maruti Suzuki cars, a networking trip to Japan, and much more. Additionally, there are several challenges and hackathons for startups to win exciting awards.

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    Be a Star

    And get to meet one! With Maruti Suzuki Innovation, startups stand the chance to meet Bollywood celebrities who are also the brand ambassadors of Maruti Suzuki.



Maruti Suzuki Innovation program extends a host of benefits not only to the

Top 3 Winners of the cohort but also to all the startups selected.


    Incubation Program

    In collaboration with the prestigious IIM Bangalore's Startup hub - NSRCEL, the Maruti Suzuki Incubation program focuses on Ideation, Prototyping and very early stage startups

  • mobility & Automobile


    Maruti Suzuki Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) creates an environment that nurtures and accelerates the growth of early-stage startups participating in the program


    Mobility Challenge

    In association with T-Hub, we aim to partner with mature startups from around the world that can execute a paid proof of concept and Go-To-Market with Maruti Suzuki


    Innovation Fund

    Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund supports automotive startups that have the potential to stand apart and make a mark, by providing investments that help them scale faster