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Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund

Transforming the automobile and mobility landscape of India, Maruti Suzuki Innovation is dedicated to catalysing innovation. It has a vision to support startups that can help transform the Indian automotive industry and create a more sustainable future. The Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund is a strategic investment tool which aims to provide funding, mentorship, and access to Maruti Suzuki's expertise and resources to help startups scaleup faster. The fund aims to identify startups with disruptive ideas and technologies that can address the challenges faced by the automotive industry. The fund is also focused on collaborating with startups to develop new technologies and solutions that can help Maruti Suzuki in its own operations and product development.

Who Can Apply?

  • Early-Stage or Idea-Stage Startups in the Pre-Series A or Series A Rounds

  • Startups with Refined Products that Cater to Multiple Customers

  • Must be Participating in One of the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Programs for Startups

  • Must Have Completed a Paid Proof of Concept Successfully

Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund

Program Objective

Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund has been formulated with an objective to strategically invest in startups that have the potential to make a mark in the automobile and mobility sector to help them scale-up, fast.

Startups that are looking for investment opportunities under this fund are first required to demonstrate the impact, viability, and overall value of their solution by participating in the Maruti Suzuki Nurture, Maruti Suzuki Incubation, Maruti Suzuki MAIL or Mobility Challenge programs. Upon successful completion of their paid PoCs with Maruti Suzuki, they become eligible for consideration for investment under this fund.

Our Investments

Building a culture of innovation, one idea at a time.

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What is Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund?

Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund that has been created with the aim to revolutionise the automobile industry of India. It invests strategically in automobile and mobility startups, among early-stage startups that have promising solutions for the sector and share our vision for fostering an ecosystem and culture of innovation. It is dedicated to identifying minority stake investment opportunities, which grow along with the beneficiary as they fast-track their internal innovations.


Who can apply for the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund Program?

The program is for idea-stage and early-stage startups that have an innovative idea, solution, or product for the automobile and mobility sector, and are in the pre-series A or series A rounds of funding. The startup should have a refined idea/solution that caters to multiple customers. Other eligibility requirements for consideration under the Maruti Suzuki Funds program include the startup being a part of the Maruti Suzuki Nurture, Maruti Suzuki Incubation, Maruti Suzuki MAIL or Mobility Challenge programs and having successfully completed a paid PoC.