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mSense provides smart defect detection in manufacturing through its AI powered Digital Eyes and Ears. mSense's Acoustic Machine Learning Solution for defective engine detection.

1st Runner Up

TRANSACTIONAL PLATFORM FOR CROSS BORDER TRADE. - Blockchain-based platform for micro-automation and trade finance with an ecosystem of B2B networks, service providers and financial institutions.

2nd Runner up

Testing automation through API Testing for Quality Assurance by improving the Code Quality and Test Coverage in Test Environments.

3rd Runner Up

End to end Logistics Solution aimed towards optimization through technology enablement and scientific analytical approach.

4th Runner Up

Connected Vehicle Data Analytics Platform powers use cases for Car owners and businesses in Automotive, Insurance, Transportation and Shared Mobility domain.

02.Other Participants

Sciative Solutions

Pricing solutions that helps plug value leaks and build customer loyalty. Powered by the most advanced prescriptive analytics frameworks in the price optimization industry.

BosonQ PSI

BosonQ Psi (Q-SaaS) leverages the power of Quantum computing to perform simulations, utilizing a hybrid infrastructure of quantum computers and classical high-performance computers (HPC).


IoT-based Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) cloud-native analytics to create Digital Twins to continuously monitor and manage resources and optimize their workflow by quickly identifying bottlenecks. scale their operational efficiencies and earn higher ROIs