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Msense - Maruti Suzuki Innovation


mSense provides smart defect detection in manufacturing through its AI powered Digital Eyes and Ears. mSense's Acoustic Machine Learning Solution for defective engine detection.

Automaxis - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

1st Runner Up

TRANSACTIONAL PLATFORM FOR CROSS BORDER TRADE. - Blockchain-based platform for micro-automation and trade finance with an ecosystem of B2B networks, service providers and financial institutions.

Keploy - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

2nd Runner up

Testing automation through API Testing for Quality Assurance by improving the Code Quality and Test Coverage in Test Environments.

Angeltech Logisol - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

3rd Runner Up

End to end Logistics Solution aimed towards optimization through technology enablement and scientific analytical approach.

Sensight - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

4th Runner Up

Connected Vehicle Data Analytics Platform powers use cases for Car owners and businesses in Automotive, Insurance, Transportation and Shared Mobility domain.

02.Other Participants

Sciative - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

Sciative Solutions

Pricing solutions that helps plug value leaks and build customer loyalty. Powered by the most advanced prescriptive analytics frameworks in the price optimization industry.

Boson - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

BosonQ PSI

BosonQ Psi (Q-SaaS) leverages the power of Quantum computing to perform simulations, utilizing a hybrid infrastructure of quantum computers and classical high-performance computers (HPC).

Pinmicro - Maruti Suzuki Innovation


IoT-based Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) cloud-native analytics to create Digital Twins to continuously monitor and manage resources and optimize their workflow by quickly identifying bottlenecks. scale their operational efficiencies and earn higher ROIs