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Mail Cohort 8 Winner Metadome - Maruti Suzuki Innovation


Metadome provides solutions using immersive 3D and XR technology that enables cloud-based photorealistic and captivating customer experiences.

Mail Cohort 8 1st Runner-Up Onlygood - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

1st Runner Up

Onlygood offers solutions to help companies track their carbon footprints to visualize in a better way.

Mail Cohort 8 2nd Runner-Up Yeppar - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

2nd Runner up

YeppAR offers smart customized AR/VR enabled solutions to help organizations improve their processes.

Mail Cohort 8 3rd Runner-Up Twyn - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

3rd Runner Up

Twyn specializes in designing highly accurate digital simulation of physical processes.

Mail Cohort 8 4th Runner-Up Pushpak AI - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

4th Runner Up

Pushpak.AI helps in adoption of AI solution deployment on edge devices using CCTV infrastructure.

02.Other Participants

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Invincible Ocean - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

Invincible Ocean

Invincible Ocean is a digital onboarding ecosystem for banking fintech and automobile sector.

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Tarsyer - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

Tarsyer Insights

Tarsyer Insights aims to solve operational challenges in a scalable and cost-effective way using computer vision.

MailCohort 8 Participant T-Ride Mobility - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

TRide Mobility

TRide mobility is a connected vehicle platform for intelligent vehicle tracking and management to ensure vehicle safety using AI/ML.

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Utvyakta Solutions - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

Utvyakta Solutions

Utvyatkta solutions offers solutions to help companies become energy efficient and reduce their energy spend and drive better utilization of resources.

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Drivershaab - Maruti Suzuki Innovation


DriverShaab is a tech enabled on demand driver aggregator platform that provides personal car drivers to individual car owners.

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Parksmart - Maruti Suzuki Innovation


Parksmart offers smart parking solutions to make parking hassle free.

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Devnagri AI - Maruti Suzuki Innovation


Devnagri.AI aims to help companies over their language barriers and offers solution to help businesses reach the users in their regional languages.

Mail Cohort 8 Participant Secure Blink - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

Secure Blink

Secure Blink offers provides automated application and API security solution that empower developers and security engineers to protect critical assets from exploitation.

Mail C8 Participant Deeploop Technologies - Maruti Suzuki Innovation

Deeploop Technologies

Deeploop Technologies provides solutions for training employees in the metaverse.