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Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund: Strategic Investments

07 May 2024
Published By: Innovation Fund
Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund: Strategic Investments

A strategic investment initiative to enable technology startups scale up faster, transforming the mobility landscape and creating a more sustainable future.

Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund aims for strategic investment in startups who have been part of Maruti Suzuki Innovation Programs and successfully completed proof of concept (PoC). A strategic investment instrument, the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund acts as a scale up fund to help businesses grow more quickly. Aligned to the Prime Minister’s vision of Make In India, this fund aims to provide support to entrepreneurs that have the potential to revolutionize the Indian mobility sector and usher in a more sustainable era.

The fund looks for entrepreneurs that can solve the problems faced by the automotive industry by coming up with innovative concepts and cutting-edge technologies. In addition, the fund is concentrated on working with startups to create disruptive technological solutions that can support Maruti Suzuki's internal operations and product development.

To secure investment through Innovation Fund, your startup should be in early-stage looking to raise funds. Other eligibility requirements for consideration under the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund include the startup being a part of the Maruti Suzuki Innovation programs like Nurture, Incubation Program for Mobility Startups, Accelerator program or Mobility Challenge program and having successfully completed a paid PoC.

The ticket size of each investment varies as per the requirement and capability of the startup. To avail the investment, the startups should demonstrate the success and market value of the product and the benefits of their product to MSIL.

Our Investments

In 2022, Maruti Suzuki invested in Sociograph Solutions Private Limited, whose AI platform helps MSIL improve its sales experience and business efficiency.

In 2024, Maruti Suzuki invested in Amlgo Labs Pvt. Ltd. which offers analytics, ML, AI and cloud-engineering based solutions for making efficient data-driven decisions