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Maruti Suzuki signs MoU with SINE-IIT Bombay

22 Sep 2022 Published By: Partnership

We recently onboarded SINE-IIT Bombay (Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay) as an ecosystem partner for Maruti Suzuki Innovation. Here is a glimpse of the MoU signing between Maruti Suzuki and SINE-IIT Bombay at the Innovation Gym.

SINE-IIT Bombay has a rich academic legacy, corporate partners, a proven history of enterprises incubated, and patents granted to IIT Bombay. This will help us build strong industry associations & engagements with deep tech startups to collaborate on internal use cases. Holistically speaking, it will also act as a gateway to the West India startup ecosystem, enabling to further drive open innovation, boost digital transformation at MSIL and foster the growth of startups.